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About Us

The Jexel Tech Experience

We love what we do. And are inspired to give you the best experience we can. We are known for our industry expertise and customer service with a personal touch. It’s a blend that we’ve been cultivating for more than a decade – something we’ve shared with more than 400 businesses around Nigeria and beyond. We’re passionate about web design, crafting savvy digital marketing campaigns and helping clients showcase their business on the Google main stage. And our experience has taught us that there’s more to it than that – it’s the little things that make the difference. Our team of designers and developers are here to deliver their best to help you bring your dream to life or take your business to the next level.

In 2011, Jexel Tech founder Faithful Anichukwu saw a need to create a web design company with a difference – one that empowered business owners to embrace the internet. Jexel Tech has since transformed into an industry leader and are now proud cheerleaders for entrepreneurship and watching little things grow into big things.

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Why Choose Us


Needs & Requirements

In this phase we identify your project goals, assess potential challenges and establish project timelines. This phase starts with a kick-off discovery session where we have a high-level conversation about the project. Following the kick-off, we confirm the creative and functional specs of the project and formulate a Once we have put this together we produce a Work plan / Schedule for the project.


Research & Analysis

In this phase we review existing branding materials, conduct persona research, review analytics and do a comparative analysis of your industry. The goal of this phase is to take the subjectivity out of the project by basing decisions on a strategy that is backed up by empirical data. Our methods of research and analysis are based on the unique needs of a project and can vary greatly depending on what is required.


Design Concept

In this phase we review the creative brief, branding materials, research documents and start wireframing the user experience of key pages of your website. Once the wireframes have been approved we start designing the user interface (UI design). Our designers start with one set of design concepts that evolve with iterations of feedback to narrow in on the final design. This linear approach enables us to fully invest our creative efforts on the best design concept rather than spending wasted time on multiple creative compositions that will not be used.


Development Phase

We start this phase of the project off by coding CSS/HTML responsive versions of the approved designs. When these pages are tested and complete we present them to our clients as the Alpha Release. Once approved we build the Alpha pages into the CMS as templates. The end of the Services/Web-Development-toronto development phase is marked with a fully functional prototype of the website on the testing environment (Beta Release).